To all my music loving friends,

How about listening to some good music? I don't know about you, but I can't take to the trash that's around today. I'm tired of hearing all the singing (?) groups that are so "popular". They do those crazy gyrations as they hoot and holler senseless tunes that assault the ears, and wear nightmarish combinations of clothing. They can't light a candle to the groups of the past.

As an example of good music, in my opinion, the finest of all male singing groups would be the Mills Brothers. Their music has lasted from the 20's and their recordings are still being played.

I've put together some of their well known recordings, plus some of the hits of Connie Francis for more enjoyable listening, especially "That Old Ace In The Hole".

Click on each song to hear it play....Enjoy! Then let me know what you think.


Mills Brothers/Connie Francis
Be My Life's Companion If I Had My Way Paper Doll You Always Hurt
The One You Love
When You Were
Sweet 16
Cab Driver I Love You So Much
It Hurts Me
Opus 1
Glow Worm Till Then I'll See You
In My Dreams
Up A Lazy River
Nevertheless Daddy's Little Girl Stardust
Till We
Meet Again
A Little Bit Of Heaven If I Didn't Care Dream A Little
Dream Of Me
My Wild Irish Rose
Lipstick On Your Collar Oh Lonesome Me Mama
That Old Ace
In The Hole
Paper Roses Return To Me Among My
Second Hand Love