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Gabe, you wake up in the morning,
With nothing to do,
How you’re going to fill your day,
You haven’t a clue.

By the time you’ve had a leisurely breakfast
Your energy starts to sap,
Before lunch the chances are,
You’ll find the time to fit in a nap.

At lunch, avoid drinking coffee,
That’s far too soon,
You don’t want it keeping you awake,
All the afternoon.

Get some fresh air,
Go into the garden for a bit,
Busy yourself,
Having a nice long sit.

When you’re thoroughly worn out,
With all that fresh air,
Take yourself back indoors,
To your favorite armchair.

Where you can have a good contemplate,
About ways to get thinner,
But try to fit in 40 winks,
Just ahead of dinner.

Then relax in the evening,
Trying to understand,
How you only managed to get done,
Half the things you‘d planned.

Never mind, don’t bother yourself,
With any regret or sorrow,
You’ve got plenty of time to fail,
To do it all again tomorrow.

Enjoy your retirement.